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For more than 20 years, Elite Deposition Technologies and Elite Discovery have supported attorneys and paralegals nationwide in both trial preparation and presentation while also providing the best rates in the industry.

The experts at Elite know that when your case gets to trial, you need a partner in the courtroom as well as the war room. Our toolkit of trial services and support enables you to keep your mind on the issues at hand and also makes you shine in the eyes of the judge and/or jury. 

Our experts use courtroom presentation software such as Sanction, OnCue, Trial Director & Visionary.

Our Trial
Toolkit Includes

Hot Seat Operators

Don’t let technical errors undermine or distract from your case. Elite’s Hot Seat Operators, also known as trial technicians, take care of all presentation logistics so you can focus on the big picture and what you do best.

Our operators bring years of experience as well as an understanding and knowledge of today’s latest tech and presentation options. With our tools and skills, not only will you be prepared, but you and your team will excel in court and shine in the eyes of the judge and/or jury.

Paper Discovery Printing

Despite every company’s best efforts to go entirely digital, the business world still relies on paper every day. We built our business helping law firms and corporations manage paper documents involved in litigation and regulatory matters – and still can handle any document need without relying on outside vendors. We pride ourselves on providing the same great support we provided back in 2001 when we started.

need a court reporter?

At Elite Deposition Technologies, we understand how important accurate and reliable court reporting services are to the successful adjudication of legal disputes. Our name serves as a promise that we will continue to adopt the latest technological innovations to maximize the value of our complete suite of services. 

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