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At Elite Deposition Technologies, we understand how vital accurate and reliable court reporting services are to the successful adjudication of legal disputes. Our name serves as a promise that we continue to adopt the latest technological innovations to maximize the value of our complete suite of services to benefit our stenographers. Our award-winning approach is a direct reflection of the great reporters we partner with daily. Our promise is to provide you with the best resources to do what you love, being a reporter.

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Payment occurs every 2 weeks via direct deposit on
both original and copy orders.

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With extending evening/communication, we are here
when you need us.

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We provide you with an LSO account,
so you can ship from anywhere.

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Visit our online office to easily submit your work.

Prizes Awarded Each Quarter

Every time you work with Elite, you're entered in
to win a prize each quarter. Prizes include a Steno Machine,
AirPods, Gift Cards, and more!

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