Telephonic &
Video Conference Depositions

Everything You Need to Know: Telephonic and Video Conference Depositions

Elite Deposition Technologies is offering Telephonic and Video Conference Depositions to take place to ensure clients and cases can operate remotely.

 Scheduled for a deposition on location and wanting to maximize technology and ensure success remotely? The best way is to have the deposition by phone or by video conference.  As technology progresses, Elite is excited to offer these services while combining it with our Online Office and Repository.

Connect from your Desktop, Conference Room, and Smart Device

Video Conferencing & Telephonic Depositions work seamlessly across all your operating systems – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. We support traditional conference room systems, or you can create your own Digital Conference Room.

Benefits to Telephonic and
Video Conference Depositions: 

  • Maintain Social Distancing

    During the current Coronavirus outbreak, by hosting depositions via telephone or by video conference, you maintain the recommended social distancing by the CDC.

  • Reduce Travel Time and Expense with Remote Depositions
    Teleconferencing equipment makes it possible to collect testimonies from witnesses located all over the world. This allows all parties involved to see and hear one another for a fraction of the cost and hassle required to travel to each location and host the deposition face-to-face, especially if there are multiple witnesses.
  • Review the Recording Again and Again
    In the case of teleconferencing, the video feed is streamed live between participants. It is also recorded for later reference, and digital copies can even be made. This allows multiple people to watch the deposition as many times as they want.
  • Save on Costs
    You can save costs by not having a videographer present.
  • Combine Powerful Remote Technology & Elite’s Online Office
    When combining remote technology with what Elite Deposition Technologies has to offer, you will be able to experience the best capability in Technology.

Tips For Successful Telephonic and
Video Conference Depositions:

  • Start the Deposition Early recommends having everyone on the call 10 minutes early to fix any technical issues. This way you'll avoid losing valuable deposition time on troubleshooting.
  • Superior Service and Technology
    Elite will arrange a service provider that can guarantee high-quality audio. Simply having clear audio, free of skips or random garbling, solves many of the court reporter’s problems.
  • Speak Up and Identify
    Ask participants to identify themselves every time they begin speaking. Some voices are so similar, it will allow the witness to identify the person speaking.
  • Elite will Distribute Exhibits Ahead of Time
    Elite suggests that if attorneys aren’t going to be in the same place, they should consider exchanging exhibits ahead of time via email. Elite can securely distribute exhibits via links. This way, everyone has the exhibits in front of them, lessening confusion about what exhibit the attorney is presenting to the witness.
  • Elite Records the Deposition
    Elite will record the call to ensure that our court reporter can maintain accuracy by reviewing certain difficult segments to ensure transcript accuracy.

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