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At Elite Deposition Technologies, we understand how important accurate and reliable court reporting services are to the successful adjudication of legal disputes. Our name serves as a promise that we will continue to adopt the latest technological innovations to maximize the value of our complete suite of services. Our professional staff utilizes the latest cutting-edge software to produce prompt and precise transcripts. The strength of our offering rests in our ability to adapt to your specific needs through the entire life cycle of your case. It is our mission to provide you with quality, consistent work product every time you work with us.

The Elite

Experienced & Courteous Reporters

We have developed a staff of outstanding reporters who are on call and prepared to serve your needs at a moment’s notice.

Online Services

Using your secure login ID, you will have the ability to schedule, confirm, monitor the progress of and download your transcripts and exhibits from device. It's as simple as clicking a mouse!

Conference Facilities

Take advantage of our ability to provide you conveniently located conference rooms across the entire country.

Realtime Court Reporters

Realtime court reporting is the process of transcribing and delivering a verbatim record of proceedings in a courtroom or legal setting while it is being stated, typically using a stenotype machine or specialized software. 

Realtime court reporting has become increasingly popular due to its efficiency and effectiveness in the legal field. It enables instant access to the written record, enhances communication and collaboration among participants, and streamlines the overall process of court proceedings. Additionally, Elite offers remote realtime court reporting, allowing court reporters to transcribe proceedings from a different location while still providing immediate access to the transcript.

Benefits of Realtime Court Reporting

Elite’s expert realtime court reporting improves the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of courtroom proceedings. It streamlines the legal process, enhances communication, and provides a valuable tool for attorneys, judges, and other stakeholders involved in the case.

Instant Access to the Transcript

Realtime court reporting allows judges, attorneys, and other parties involved in the proceedings to have immediate access to the written transcript. This can be extremely useful during trials, as it enables immediate access to the electronic record to search for keywords, add notes, and mark up and comment on the transcript.

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

With realtime court reporting, the transcript can be displayed on monitors or projected onto screens in the courtroom. This enables you to follow the proceedings more effectively by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is readily available to all participants.

Remote Access and Flexibility

Elite offers remote realtime court reporting, allowing transcription for proceedings in any location, enabling our clients to save time and travel expenses. Remote access also provides flexibility for attorneys who may need to access the transcript from their offices or other remote locations.


Our court reporters provide accurate real-time transcripts, deposition prep notebooks, and videographers for all your arbitration needs. No matter where you are located, Elite can make your arbitration seamless and efficient. While having a court reporter in arbitration proceedings is not legally required, it is beneficial and can prevent the arbitration from turning into litigation. 

Advantages of Elite Court Reporters at Your Arbitration

Having an Elite court reporter at your arbitration proceedings ensures the creation of an accurate, impartial, and comprehensive record of the proceedings. This record serves as a valuable tool for parties involved, enhances transparency, and contributes to the fairness and effectiveness of the arbitration process.

Accurate and Complete Transcripts

Confirm the entire account of the arbitration in order to ensure there are no misunderstandings. Transcripts can help identify misunderstandings before they become disputable.

Documented Agreements

Agreements cannot be altered later by opposing parties arguing the official outcome if there is an official transcript of the terms.

Ease of Filing an Appeal

An accurate transcript of the arbitration can prove you have sufficient evidence of a violation of your rights needed to move forward with your claim.

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