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At Elite Deposition Technologies, we understand how important accurate and reliable court reporting services are to the successful adjudication of legal disputes. Our name serves as a promise that we will continue to adopt the latest technological innovations to maximize the value of our complete suite of services. Our professional staff utilizes the latest cutting-edge software to produce prompt and precise transcripts. The strength of offering rests in our ability to adapt to your specific needs through the entire life cycle of your case. It is our mission to provide you with quality, consistent work product every time you work with us.

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We have developed a staff of outstanding reporters who are on call and prepared to serve your needs at a moment’s notice.

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Using your secure login ID, you will have the ability to schedule, confirm, monitor the progress of and download your transcripts and exhibits from device. It's as simple as clicking a mouse!

Conference Facilities

Take advantage of our ability to provide you conveniently located conference rooms across the entire country.

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